9a by Markovic, 8c flash by Garnbret

© Luka Fonda

Janja Garnbret on Rollito Sharma extension, 8c, Santa Linya  © Luka Fonda
Janja Garnbret on Rollito Sharma extension, 8c, Santa Linya
© Luka Fonda
Team Slovenia had an excellent day at Santa Linya, where Mina Markovic repeated La Fabela Pa La Enmienda (9a), 9a, Janja Garnbret (16) flashed Rollito Sharma extension (8c), 8c, and Domen Škofic repeated Fuck The System (9a), 9a.

Janja told me she totally surprised herself, but after seeing what she is capable of at the La Sportiva Legends Only one month ago, I can't say I'm that surprised at all. It will be interesting to see what she'll do next. Remember she went to Catalunya after resting from climbing for three weeks...

Mina's first 9a isn't very surprising either, but this doesn't make it less impressive. She has already done two 8c+'s and a couple of 8c's since the last WC at Kranj in mid November, so she has certainly worked her way up to this level. 

For Domen, 9a is more or less business as usual. This was his third 9a, after Seleccio naturalLa Fabela L1+L2, on this trip and he has also onsighted an 8c. Hopefully he can get Neanderthal, 9b, done soon.

Janja Garnbret is sponsored by: C-Team, C.A.M.P and La Sportiva

Mina Markovic is sponsored by: adidas, La Sportiva and Petzl

Domen Skofic is sponsored by: Edelrid, Red Bull and Scarpa

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29 Dec, 2015
Wow. Very impressive indeed. I presume that is the hardest female flash? And 9a is still newsworthy even for the men. After all how many Brits climbed 9a this year? 3 was it?
29 Dec, 2015
Climbing a 9a must put Mina in a fairly select club right?
30 Dec, 2015
Yes, fairly select indeed! Depending how you count, I'd say 7-9 women have climbed 9a. No doubt this number will increase quite rapidly soon.
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