Quoi de neuf, ~8C by Alban Levier

Alban Levier on Quoi de neuf, ~8C, Toit d'Orsay, France, 113 kb
Alban Levier on Quoi de neuf, ~8C, Toit d'Orsay, France
© Gilles Puyfagès
Alban Levier has made the third ascent of the late Rémy Bergasse's Quoi de neuf, ~8C, at the Orsay roof, just south of Paris after around 10 days of work.

Bergasse, who passed away recently, made the first ascent in 2008, and Seb Bouin made the first repeat in September this year.

Levier says it's a very demanding line where all kinds of movements are involved. "You turn your body in all the directions in this roof ! That's why it's wonderful! The whole thing adds an 8A boulder of 12 moves to the classical 8B exit (part 2).  All my thoughts are going to Rémy Bergasse. Without him and his vision, maybe the line would be right now again a project! 
Photo: Gilles Puyfagès

Thanks to Pierre Délas/Fanatic Climbing!

Alban Levier is sponsored by: Ocun, Rokodromo and Vertical Art

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