8c Ticks in Spain for Pope and Dawson

Continuing on the "Brits Abroad" theme, Jim Pope and Peter Dawson have just returned from a highly successful trip to Catalunya, where they both climbed 8c - with Jim managing Fish Eye and Peter redpointing T-1 Full Equip at Oliana. Other notable routes came in the form of a team ascent of China Crisis 8b+, El gran blau (8b+/c) 8b+/8c for Jim and Rollito Sharma 8b+ at Santa Linya for Peter.

Jim Pope on form in Oliana: La Marroncita 8b, 221 kb
Jim Pope on form in Oliana: La Marroncita 8b
© Andi Aufschnaiter/Ansichtssache

Jim told UKC:

"This was my first trip to Oliana and I was really excited to be climbing on such a great crag with such long routes! My goal of the trip was to climb an 8 grade route each climbing day so I tried to climb routes which I could do within a few goes/days at max. I managed to do this and achieved much more than I expected! I really loved the long stamina-based routes and I think it really suited my style of climbing, I can’t wait to go back for some unfinished business!"

Jim Pope high on Fish Eye 8c
© Andi Aufschnaiter/Ansichtssache

Commenting on his first 8c, T-1 full equip, Peter wrote in his blog:

"The Spanish have a phrase a muerte, which means to climb until death - giving it everything and holding nothing back. I was going to go a muerte. I wasn't surprised when I got through the boulders at the bottom but I wasn't very pumped at all. I set up for the first hard crimp sequence and it went! Now I was panicking - the next one wasn't as hard maybe I could do this, I slowed myself down and chilled out. I knew I could do it. Moves where previously I had slapped I now grabbed static and before I knew it I was clipping the chains! My first 8c! I was over the moon."

Check out Peter's logbook

As members of the GB Lead Climbing Team, Jim and Peter are now looking forward to a busy year of training and competitions.

Jim Pope enjoying the long and pumpy climbing at Oliana, 221 kb
Jim Pope enjoying the long and pumpy climbing at Oliana
© Andi Aufschnaiter/Ansichtssache

Jim's tick list: 

Peter's tick list:

Read Peter's blog for more information

Peter is sponsored by: Beyond Hope and Dewerstone

Jim is sponsored by: Climb Skin, Lyon Outdoor, Marmot and Rockcity

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