La Fabelita, 8c, another flash by Janja Garnbret

Janja Gzrnbret on La Fabelita, 8c, Santa Linya, Spain, 78 kb
Janja Gzrnbret on La Fabelita, 8c, Santa Linya, Spain
© Luka Fonda
Catalunya definitely seems to be the place to be right now. Janja Garnbret, who flashed Rollito Sharma extension, 8c, at Santa Linya the other day, has now flashed La Fabelita, another 8c, at the same crag.

I can't believe it's the end of 2015!! Well, at the last day of 2015 I gave myself the best present ever! I flashed "La Fabelita" 8c and on-sighted "La Ruta del Sol" 8b and "Irak Attack" 8a+!! 😄 I had such an amazing year filled with challenges and amazing experiences! This year turned out to be one of the best years of my life! Looking forward to new goals, new challenges in 2016! 😄

Photo by Luka Fonda

Janja Garnbret is sponsored by: C-Team, C.A.M.P and La Sportiva


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