La Force, 9a(8C?) by Alban Levier

Alban Levier has made the first ascent of La Force, at the Orsay roof just south of Paris. La Force is a harder version of Quoi de neuf, ~8C, which he made the 3rd ascent of just before Christmas.

There are a number of variations to be climbed in this roof, so Alban's new creation can either be described as Quoi de neuf with a harder exit, or Vertical’Art, ~8B+, with a lower start. The difference is just the exit, where you can choose between a rather straight forward ~7B and a powerful hard ~7C (Morpheus).

Alban suggests a 9a route grade for his new problem, which could imply that he doesn't fully agree with the 8C suggested for the original problem.

Here is a video from the week before, where he got very close...


Thanks to Pierre Délas/Fanatic Climbing!

Alban Levier is sponsored by: Ocun, Rokodromo and Vertical Art

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