Two ~8c+'s by Jessy Pilz

Jessica Pilz in Chamonix 2015 © Björn Pohl
Jessica Pilz in Chamonix 2015
© Björn Pohl
Austrian WC-climber Jessica Pilz, 19, just returned home from Catalunya where she managed to do two routes in the ~8c+ range, Joe Blau and Mind control, both at Oliana.

Jessy, who is #2 on the World Lead ranking, has had a very good season with six podiums in Lead and a 5th place in the European Bouldering Championships, and this while still being a Junior!

I asked her to tell me a little bit about her thoughts and plans after her recent trip.

The rock trip to Oliana the last week was a great addition and reward after that season, I never expected that I could climb those hard routes, because I am almost never on rock and have little experience...

But I absolutely enjoyed it with a great crew and got used to it!!!
Now I take a rest for 2 weeks and then I start again with training like every year...

This year I want to compete in the whole Lead World Cup series, in the World Championships and maybe if there is time and if I am fit enough I want to do one or two Boulder World Cups near Austria or in Austria. But my focus is definitely on Lead!!

And another challenge this year will be finishing school, because it steals a lot of time from training and it was already a challenge in 2015...


Jessica Pilz is sponsored by: Chillaz, Red Bull, Scarpa and Sporthilfe

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