Nacho Sanchez repeats Catalán Witness the fitness, ~8C

Nacho Sanchez on Catalán Witness the fitness, ~8C, 28 kb
Nacho Sanchez on Catalán Witness the fitness, ~8C
© Sanchez coll.
Nacho Sanchez has made the 4th ascent of Chris Sharma's Catalán Witness the fitness, ~8C, at the Cova del Ocell near Barcelona.

Shortly after Sharma's first ascent, Nacho managed to repeat the first ~8B+ section, and now he has been back for the full line. Since he was there last, a hold had broken in the first section and made it a tad harder. This didn't stop Nacho from making the 4th ascent though, following Sharma, Beto Rocasolano and Felipe Camargo.

Here is a video of Nacho's ascent.

Nacho Sanchez is sponsored by: Boreal, Climbskin Spain, Mushroom chalk, Petzl and Trangoworld

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