Nathan Lee Flashing Master's Edge E7Video

© Nathan Lee

It might not be El Bon Combat in terms of difficulty, but The Master's Edge (E7 6c) at Millstone is still a great climb that is on every aspiring Hard-Gritter's tick-list.

We liked this recent no-nonsense video from Nathan Lee showing his flash ascent of Big Ron's 1983 masterpiece, but what kind of beta is that for the last move?! Shame on you Nathan, we were hoping for an all-points-off dyno! ;-)

Nathan is sponsored by: Boreal

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// Good effort to both of them, inspirational on all accounts.
10 Mar, 2016
You'll be glad to know Steve (the belayer in this video) flashed it just after Nathan in the approved way - an all out lash Quite a short list of talented people who have flashed or onsighted this, all wads...... and Steve
10 Mar, 2016
Glad to hear it! ;-)
10 Mar, 2016
11 Mar, 2016
Best use of music on a video for a while! Interesting to watch his shadow over to the side too. Great effort.
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