FRI NIGHT VID: 10 Years of Rhapsody

It's 10 years to the day this weekend that Dave MacLeod made the first ascent of Rhapsody E11 at Dumbarton Rock - the first of its grade in the world and a route that has seen just three repeats since 2006. A decade later, the route still stands as one of the UK's hardest traditional climbs.

Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson remarked at the time:

"I think he's setting a new standard in British climbing by doing a route of this sustained nature and technical difficulty but also with that sort of fall potential."

Hot Aches Productions have released a ten-minute clip from the full-length feature film 'E11' to commemorate Dave's First Ascent of a climb that Director Paul Diffley describes as "futuristic for 2006."

"Because of the very high technical difficulty and the danger, I thought a tentative E11 7a was warranted." 

Read the UKC news report from April 2006 here.


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