1 Million Visits for UKC in March 2016

UKC traffic has reached a record 1 million visits for the month of March which has resulted in an astonishing 5,700,000 odd page views! We think this makes UKClimbing the most widely read climbing media ever!

Below is a graph (from the independent website SimilarWeb) of some of the current top climbing websites in the world and we’re happy to report that we’re currently perched on the summit of that graph.

All the staff at UKC would like to say a huge thank you to YOU, the users of the site for your continued input on the forums, logbooks and photo galleries and for making the site a fantastic resource and community for climbers in the UK and abroad.

SimilarWeb figures for March/April 2016. Blue - UK, Red - USA, Yellow - Other Europe, 45 kb
SimilarWeb figures for March-April 2016. Blue - UK, Red - USA, Yellow - Other Europe

As Chief Editor I would like to say a big thanks to all the other staff at UKC for keeping the site running in all their roles from keeping the spammers at bay through to developing new features, writing the news, reviewing gear and managing advertisements.

Speaking of advertisements, this is the way UKC is funded so a huge thank you goes out to the advertisers who fund this site. Many of our advertisers have been supporting UKC for a decade now and we appreciate their continued support and faith in our product.

It’s fast approaching 20 years since the first versions of UKC went online, and in those 20 years the site, and the internet in general has changed massively.

We're looking back at older versions of the site and when the 20 year mark is up we'll post some screen grabs of early versions and our favourite articles and features from over the years. Who knows what the site will look like in 20 years time!

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