Practice of the wild, 8C, by Dave MacLeod

Dave MacLeod on Practice of the wild, ~8C, Magic wood, 124 kb
Dave MacLeod on Practice of the wild, ~8C, Magic wood
© Dave McLeod, video still
Dave MacLeod has repeated Chris Sharma's Practice of the wild, 8C, at Magic Wood/Averstal. This was the 37 year old's first of the grade.

As always, there is a great write up on his blog, but in short:

- The footage of Ty Landman climbing the problem is what made Dave go to Magic wood in the first place

- He saw and tried the problem for the first time in 2012 and decided it was way too hard 

- He made a replica on his board and couldn't do it...until he, after a lot of research on how, lost weight and could do it easily

- He went to Magic Wood and repeated the real thing

Dave also made quick work of Steppenwolf and Dark sakai, both 8B, and a couple of weeks ago, we reported about his repeat of From shallow waters to Riverbed, 8B+.

Dave MacLeod is sponsored by: Black Diamond, ClifBar, GORE-TEX and Mountain Equipment

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