Practice of the wild, ~8C, by Gabriele Moroni

© Moroni coll.

Following on the heels of Dave MacLeod, Gabri Moroni has repeated Chris Sharma's Practice od the wild, ~8C, at Magic Wood/Averstal in Switzerland.

After a little session last saturday with great feelings, today I came back to Magic Wood with only one boulder in mind... Chris Sharma's testpiece Practice of the Wild [8c].
I decided to skip the Melloblocco festival in order to spend some days here and work on the problem. It would have probably been my last chance to try this climb with good conditions for a while, since I will have pretty busy schedule in the next few weeks!

But actually, when you are psyched, conditions are perfect, body and mind just follow, you don't need many days of work, as I thought...
So today, after two great sessions, in the morning with the Firnenburg brothers and in the afternoon with Baptiste Ometz I managed to send this beautiful problem, with the last energy I had...

From the footage, it's quite obvious he used the original Sharma beta, i.e the all points off dyno to the jug/slot.

With guys like the Firnenburgs and Baptiste Ometz working the problem, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll soon see more ascents if the conditions stay dry.

After a short pit stop at the MelloBlocco, Gabri is now back in Magic Wood.


Gabriele Moroni is sponsored by: E9, Petzl and WildClimb

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