Schubert and Skofic on the 9a+ send train at Flatanger

Domen Skofic on Thor's hammer, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway, 115 kb
Domen Skofic on Thor's hammer, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway
© Elias Holzknecht/ WOODSLAVE productions
Jakob Schubert and Domen Škofic have repeated one 9a+ each at Flatanger, Norway. Jakob did Kangaroo's Limb while Domen did Thor's hammer.

Jakob and Domen are up at Flatanger in Norway to climb in the Hanshelleren cave. Unfortunately they can't stay so long this time, presumbably because the Lead World Cup is drawing closer.

Oh yeah! 😃 Yesterday Jakob Schubert and I hopped on a sending train. He fired of the shortest and I the longest 9a+ of the cave!
After 4 days of work I was able to finish my by far the longest, nicest and hardest route so far, Thor's hammer 9a+. We didn't have enough and later both did Nordic Flower 8c, Jakob onsighted and I flashed it right after 😃 Great times!

Hi Domen, that went pretty quickly! Considering the route so long I mean.
Yeah, first day I spent only putting in the draws... And drying it because a lot of holds were wet at the start.

How long is Thor's hammer exactly?
60m I guess.

That's long for sure! Was this your goal for the trip or is it something else?
I had no goals actually, just to try and do as many great routes as possible.
I mean when I saw that line I knew I had to do it. And Jakob told me already it's one of the most amazing routes he ever tried or done.

Well, that seems to work! So which line do you have your eyes on now?
Maybe I'm gonna try The Move 9b but I'm here only three more days so I guess I'll rather do some easier ones.  I will definitely return one day. Soon hopefully!

Jakob Schubert is sponsored by: Barracuda, Glorify Unbreakable, La Sportiva, Mammut and Squadra holds

Domen Skofic is sponsored by: Edelrid, Red Bull and Scarpa

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