Alex Megos hits Wales

Alex Megos bouldering in Wales, 98 kb
Alex Megos bouldering in Wales
© Ray Wood
Alex Megos has made quick work of a number of hard problems while in Wales for a DMM athlete meeting and climbing festival.

From his instagram: Still had a few things I left from last time so this afternoon I could tick off Pool of Bethesda, 8A+, Malc's Start, 8B, Halfway House, 8A/+, Directors Cut, 8B, East Coker, 8B and Louis Armstrong, 8B. So it's been a good day out!!

In his usual modest way, Alex explains that it's not such a big deal because I did an 8A+ first, which was the stand start to an 8B I did after. Then I did another 8A+ which was the stand start to another 8B. This 8B was 20 moves long so my style.

Then I did another 8B with almost 20 moves so as well my style. And then I did another short 8B.

So it's sometimes just stand starts to others and longer so my style.

He does agree however that super human strength and skill might help just a tiny bit as well.

Alex Megos is sponsored by: CafeKraft, DMM, Entre Prises, Klattercentret, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope and Tenaya


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