First 8B+ for Nathan Phillips in Magic Wood - Mystic Styles

© Tara Hayes

22 year-old Nathan Phillips has just returned from a successful month-long trip to Averstal (Magic Wood), Switzerland, where he climbed 14 problems of 8A and above - including his first 8B+, Mystic Styles.

Nathan Phillips on Mystic Styles 8B+  © Tara Hayes
Nathan Phillips on Mystic Styles 8B+
© Tara Hayes

Mystic Styles is the sit-start to the one-move 8A Muttertag which involves a smear and a slap to a crimp. Nathan told UKC:

'The whole climb is basically three moves and the first two aren't too bad. The hard part is just doing the 8A after you're a little tired. I stuck the move from the start on my second session but then my hand ripped off.'

Having struggled for a few more sessions with a wet hold, it finally dried on the last day of the trip and Nathan ticked the problem.

Following the Innsbruck Boulder World Cup, where he placed 17th, Nathan and his girlfriend Tara Hayes - a fellow GB Bouldering Team member - headed straight to Magic Wood. Tara also racked up an impressive list of 18 boulders above 7B, including three 7C's. 

In May this year, Nathan ticked Director's Cut 8B at Parisella's Cave (UKC News Report).

Nathan's Ticklist:

  • Mystic Styles 8b+
  • Steppenwolf 8b
  • Riverbed 8b
  • Sofa Surfer Direct 8b
  • High Spirit 8a+/b
  • Electroboogie 8a+
  • Voigas 8a+
  • The Bizzare Ride 8a+
  • Sofa Surfer 8a+
  • Massive Attack 8a+
  • Never Ending Story Part 1 8a+
  • Supersupernova 8a
  • Schneesturm 8a
  • Minisex Sit 7c+/8a
  • Down Under 7c+
  • La Platte 7c/+
  • Son Of A Gun 7c


Watch a video of Nathan's trip below:

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27 Jun, 2016
Music makes that unwatchable.
27 Jun, 2016
There's two options for that; 1) use the little button on the side of your phone/ speakers to turn them 'off' 2) use the volume toggle of whatever software you are using to turn the sound 'off' Either way avoids the sound and your need to moan. You're welcome.
27 Jun, 2016
Well done Nathan. Top effort
27 Jun, 2016
your two opps are all well and good, if there is no dialog. It is not know till you have played the clip, that no dialog is within. It's also often that dialog has other sound behind / underplaying . This also pees me off. As nearly all climbing is done in quite surroundings I think steve is spot on. it is unwatchable.
27 Jun, 2016
Didn't mind the music in this but music is such personal thing and the same thing irks me if I'm not keen on the music. I think in general music is way over used in bouldering vids. Needs much more subtlety and restraint rather than just plastering the entire vid from start to finish. There was a nice bit in this vid where one track ended and there was a silent section, as if signifying something important was about to go down. Anyway good effort to Nathan on his successful trip. Looked like good temps judging by the duvet clad Tara.
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