Fri Night Vid: Benn Stoker and Pool Traverse

For this week's FNV I've followed a link on a really interesting UKC Thread about climbing films. The video is a belter, and I enjoyed the balance of super-cheesey and genuine. And everyone loves a bit of Eye of the Tiger!

It's made by Supreme Odyssey and they've got some other films worth checking out on their Vimeo Page.

Here's what they say about this vid:

"Benn Stoker, an average climber who like all of us has a project they really want to crush! Well, Benn's project was Pool Traverse at Widdop, a tricky 6b that even after 2 years of utter failure, mega flappers and horrendous midge bites was still on his tick list! But then, by some miracle Benn began to show progress..."

Nevergreen by Emancipator
Don't Stop Believin' by Journey
Eye of The Tiger by Survivor

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