VIDEO: Alex Honnold's Welsh Slate Experience

Alex faces the harsh reality of British weather..., 65 kb
Alex faces the harsh reality of British weather...

In case you somehow missed Alex Honnold's recent trip/lecture tour to the UK, the BMC have put together this short film about his experience on the Welsh Slate. He spent the day with the enigmatic Johnny Dawes, who described Alex's climbing style as 'like a really elegant mechanic.'

Speaking to our editor Natalie, Alex had this to say of the slate:

"I liked the surreal setting and I enjoyed the unique style. It was everything I hoped for. I didn’t climb anything too crazy. One of my hands is hurt and I wasn’t really going to the death on anything. We didn’t get to try the Quarryman because it was too sunny [!!] the day we went. Basically I just sport climbed a bunch and had a good time. Super fun."

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