Red Bull, 8c, 3rd go by Laura Rogora, 15

© Laura Rogora coll.

Laura Rogora on Red Bull, 8c, Collepardo, Italy  © Laura Rogora coll.
Laura Rogora on Red Bull, 8c, Collepardo, Italy
© Laura Rogora coll.
15 year old Laura Rogora, from Rome, Italy, has repeated Red Bull, 8c, at Collepardo, needing only three tries, making it her first one day ascent of an 8c.

Earlier this year, when she was still only 14, she redpointed her first 9a, Grandi Gesti, at Sperlonga. Quite unsurprisingly, she is also very successful on the competition circuit, where she is ranked #1 in both Lead and Boulder in her age category.

Laura Rogora is sponsored by: CAMP, Montura and Wildclimb

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27 Sep, 2016
Beast, clearly
27 Sep, 2016
I've sort of lost track of where women's cutting edge is these days. How many women are there operating in the 9s ?
27 Sep, 2016
Not that many currently. Which is why I thought it was odd that I don't remember hearing about her ascent. Sasha is still recovering from back injury. Ashima is bouldering/ falling but probably still could. I believe there's a couple of Eastern Europeans who's names I won't even attempt around that grade too. But she's only 14 too!
28 Sep, 2016
Mar Alvarez is Spanish and, if I recall correctly, has ticked a couple of 9a's. Angy Eiter too I think? Both Western Europeans unless Brexit has shifted where we're drawing that line :p
28 Sep, 2016
Good question. 14 according to: It might depend on what actually counts as 9a though. None have climbed Action Directe. Josune Bereziartu was perhaps the first with Bang de Sang. Muriel Sarkany climbed Punt x at age 39. There are several others who are clearly capable but just haven't got round to it yet. I think some of the best are more focused on competitions. Janja Garnbret has flashed 2 8cs so I don't thing a 9a redpoint would be too much of a problem for her. I'd imagine that other top comp climbers like Jain Kim, Jesse Pilz, Magda Rock etc. would be be capable so there's probably a fair few more that the 14 listed operating at around the same very high standard.
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