Red Bull, 8c, 3rd go by Laura Rogora, 15

Laura Rogora on Red Bull, 8c, Collepardo, Italy, 170 kb
Laura Rogora on Red Bull, 8c, Collepardo, Italy
© Laura Rogora coll.
15 year old Laura Rogora, from Rome, Italy, has repeated Red Bull, 8c, at Collepardo, needing only three tries, making it her first one day ascent of an 8c.

Earlier this year, when she was still only 14, she redpointed her first 9a, Grandi Gesti, at Sperlonga. Quite unsurprisingly, she is also very successful on the competition circuit, where she is ranked #1 in both Lead and Boulder in her age category.

Laura Rogora is sponsored by: Camp, Montura and Wildclimb

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