NEWSFLASH: British First Ascents in South Georgia

Stephen Venables, Simon Richardson, Skip Novak, Crag Jones, Henry Chaplin and David Lund are currently returning home from a highly successful expedition to the Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. 

The team climbed eight mountains including two of the greatest prizes on the island - first ascents of the spectacular Starbuck Peak (1434m) and the remote and difficult Mount Baume (1912m), one of the highest unclimbed summits. 

The striking Starbuck Peak
© Simon Richardson

The group sailed from the Falkland Islands in the yacht Pelagic Australis and then made a 16-day ski traverse through the rarely visited Salvesen Range climbing summits along the way.

As well as the ascents of Starbuck and Baume, which involved climbing up to Scottish VI, the team climbed one other virgin peak and made second ascents of three others. They spent three and a half weeks on the island and were away six weeks in total with travel time either end.

More information to follow upon their return...

Read a UKC interview with Simon.

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