FRI NIGHT VID: Old Man of Stoer

Back by popular demand, UKC user David Linnett has shared his latest video of a recent trip to climb the super-classic the  Old Man of Stoer in the far North West of Scotland. One of the "Big 3" sea stacks in Scotland, along with Am Buchaille and the Old Man of Hoy, this Old Man is reputed by many to be the finest of them all. 

David told UKC:

'Often with sea stacks you can sacrifice a bit of quality, what with the associated guano, vegetation plus loose rock for the sake of adventure, but this is certainly not the case with this sandstone-tastic Torridonian beauty and it is absolute angel delight to climb. With an "exciting scramble" for the descent followed by a tasty Tyrolean Traverse for maximum adrenaline flow, the classic VS 5a Original Route comprises 5 magical pitches of superbly rough grained climbing nirvana to the top of this 60 metre high behemoth. As an added bonus we were very lucky to have a perfect day of weather with glorious sunshine and light winds, so even Arnie the Drone took to the skies to have a buzz around the bay. Ironically the day before our ascent it had rained non-stop for 24 hours, but the skies magically cleared overnight and the warm sun dried off the rock very quickly so even the notoriously damp and greasy 5a first pitch traverse was bone dry.'

He added:

'Hopefully it will inspire a few folks to head to the beautiful Sutherland region of Scotty and climb on one of the great sea stacks of the UK!'

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7 Oct, 2016
Funny isn't it, all these vids by brands about adventure yet nothing quite comes even close to Dave Linnets stuff. I can relate to his material as it's just a group of friends who seem to be genuinely nice people enjoying a good climb. Non of it's stupid grades, it's just a great watch and inspires adventure. Please don't stop making these films.
7 Oct, 2016
I brew a cup of coffee and then sit back to watch David's video's, it's like being there and in some cases I have been, no nonsense or bull just plain honest to goodness climbing with a bit of wild life and fantastic Drone shots thrown in, I just can't get enough. Thanks Bald Eagle and thank your team from all of us.
7 Oct, 2016
Many thanks, brought back memories of a day long ago (mid 80s) even if we did (accidentally) climb a different line after pitch 2
7 Oct, 2016
Brings it back! One of my best ever days out. Great video. But why didn't you film the crossing to set up the tyrolean?
7 Oct, 2016
Daves work has got better and better - fun and great spirit. A true picture with no other motives than to entertain and inspire. Always a pleasure.
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