Power Pact Cave at White Goods Collapses

The popular drytooling venue White Goods​ in Clwyd, North Wales has lost some of its hardest routes following the collapse of Power Pact Cave sector this weekend.

Viki climbing Stump Man M11 at White Goods, 148 kb
Viki climbing Stump Man M11 at White Goods
© Ramon Marin

As reported on the White Goods Drytooling Facebook page, the cave has lost all routes, which ranged from M7 - M12, but the major sectors - White Goods and Kitchen Garden - remain intact.

Despite the damage, this year's White Goods Meet is still going ahead (29th-30th October).

Ramon Marin - organiser of the meet and developer of the venue - told UKC:

'The area affected is the second cave, with all the harder routes, not the main cliff where most people go. All the routes are gone so nobody can get up any routes, plus the crag floor now is just a jumble of giant boulders, with all of North Wales' hardest drytooling routes on them! I will update all the UKC guidebooks and write a blog. We will explain the situation at the next White Goods meet as well.'

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