8c flash and 8c+ 2nd go by Kim Jain

© Kim Jain coll.

Kim Jain and friends at Yangshuo, China  © Kim Jain coll.
Kim Jain and friends at Yangshuo, China
© Kim Jain coll.
Kim Jain has had a great week in Yangshuo, China, making quick of several hard routes.

...I think that it was really successful trip, as I could finish three 5.14 routes 'Climb china, 8c, flash, 'Spicy noodle, 8c+, 2nd go, and 'French gangster', 8b+, 3rd go during just one week.

"Successful" is perhaps an understatement as this was Jain's lifetime best for both flash and redpoint, but considering how little work she needed, it's not entirely unthinkable she could climb quite a bit harder if she focused more on rock.

Kim Jain is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Red Bull and Spyder

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12 Dec, 2016
I would say it's a certainty. Most climbers can redpoint 3 or 4 grades harder than they can onsight. If she can climb 8c+ second try it's surely obvious she could climb something much harder if she spent 4 or 5 or more days on it. But it seems like many competition climbers find it hard to make the time for outdoor climbing and projects need even more time. The comp season is pretty long, then they probably need a bit of rest and a good bit of time training for the next season. So it's a shame we don't see more competition climbers outside. Both Jakob Schubert and Stefano Ghisolfi have climbed 9b on rock which gives a good indication of the level competition climbers are operating at.
12 Dec, 2016
Adam Ondra does a few comps as well and he fits in some pretty impressive outdoors ascents too! Just not enough days in the year for everything!
12 Dec, 2016
I bet it's bloody fun having the ability to go to a crag and do all the best looking routes regardless of grades. What a waddess.
14 Dec, 2016
Sometimes. This year he abandoned all the World Cups to allow more time climbing outside though. And also he is ... erm... Adam Ondra after all.
14 Dec, 2016
Female of wad. Great term, never heard that before.
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