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The Lappnor Project poster
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The Lappnor project documentary follows Nalle Hukkataival through all the ups and downs in the process of working the project that became Burden of dreams, the World's first ~9A, a problem that's right at the limit of what's humanly possible.

Humanly possible if you happen to be a super human that is.

It puts the finger on how all the stars must align so to speak, in order to make success possible. Everything must be exactly right, and there are so many factors one has no control over.

Air temperature, rock temperature, humidity, wind, skin, shape...luck.

Every attempt is like a throw with the dice, and given enough throws, chances are you eventually get lucky.

The one deciding factor to make success possible in the end however, is that you have to keep believing in yourself. That you can do it.

That I think is the biggest challenge of them all.

Through the seasons Nalle battles with conditions, new beta and shape and sometimes he questions himself, but he never ever stops believing he will eventually climb this problem. That's impressive.

Watching him doing it in the end it looks so...simple and quick.

Seven seasons of effort condensed into five hand moves and 26 seconds, plus a top out. That's it.

I think Blue Kangoo Films really succeeds in telling this story. I've followed it pretty closely myself and have made several interviews with Nalle over the years, plus a podcast, and this documentary agrees very well with what the strong Finn has been telling me.

Definitely worth a watch (or five)!

Nalle's next project is The Project.

Now go out and find your own Lappnor project...


Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

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