Triggertrocity 8B - New link-up at Parisella's

Manchester-based boulderer Jack Palmieri has climbed a new link-up at Parisella's Cave, Conwy, North Wales, joining two existing problems in the cave, Rockatrocity 7C and Trigger Cut 7C+, with a linking section that Jack believes could be 7C+ on its own.

Jack Palmieri on Triggertrocity 8B, 182 kb
Jack Palmieri on Triggertrocity 8B
© Jack Palmieri

Jack first began trying the link at the tail end of last year. Despite having already climbed for two days on the run, he returned on Sunday. He told UKC:

'I went with no real expectations, knowing the venue was suffering from some bad conditions and thinking I’d maybe try something else. I tried some different beta on the middle section, and decided to have a go from the start and surprised myself by getting to the wet holds at the top and managing to finish it off.'

Even though Parisella’s is packed with problems and lines, Jack believes it’s far from being 'climbed out’ with many of the big links remaining unticked. Jack commented:

'It just needs someone keen, very strong and maybe local. Alex Megos managed a new link in just a couple of days last summer, which shows you what could get done if someone really strong was motivated to do so.'

He added:

'Before yesterday’s session was out I’d started having a look at the potential low starts to this. I’m really looking forward to the conditions in here improving so I can go back round and get some of the ‘easier’ problems done that I’ve missed.'

Watch a video of Jack's successful link below:

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