VIDEO - Dreamland: Rocklands Bouldering

Dreamland is a beautiful video featuring Jorg verhoeven, Katha Saurwein and Jon Glassberg climbing many of the great Rocklands classics, from the very hard to the very tall, often dramatically illuminated.

15 minutes of awe-inspiring bouldering.

Problems climbed:

Armed Response (8A+/V12)
Cedar Spine (7C/V9)
El Corazon (8B/V13) 
Moiste Maisie (8B/V13) 
Rhino (7B+/V8) 
The Vice (8B/V13) 
Black shadow (8A+/V12) 
Caroline (7C+/V10) 
Creaking Heights (6C/V4) 
Pen Dragon (8A/V11) 
Waterfall Boulder (7C/V9) 
Black Velvet (8A/V11) 
Golden Shadow (8B+/V14) 
Hole in one (7C+/V10) 
Leap of faith (8A/V11) 
Tomorrow Ill be gone (7C/V9) 
Sky (8B/V13) 
A Tea With Elmarie (8A+/V12) 
Shosholoza (8A+/V12) 
Pinotage (7B+/V8) 
Ray of Light (8B/V13)
Witness the sickness (8A/V11)


Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein are sponsored by: La Sportiva and Marmot

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