Carinthian Dreams, 3rd ~8C in 11 days by Christof Rauch

© Christof Rauch coll.

Christof Rauch on Traumata, ~8A+, Kärnten, Austria  © Christof Rauch coll.
Christof Rauch on Traumata, ~8A+, Kärnten, Austria
© Christof Rauch coll.
Christof Rauch has made the first ascent of Carinthian Dreams, ~8C, in Kärnten, southern Austria. This was his third of the grade, and he has climbed them all within 11 days!

14 May: Iron Knuckles, ~8C, FA, Kärnten

21 May: Styrian Delirium, ~8C, FA, West Steiermark

25 May: Carinthian Dreams, ~8C, FA, Kärnten

According to Christof, Carinthian Dreams is the hardest of the three and probably upper end 8C. It links The Crackline, ~8A+, into Punching in a dream, ~8B+, and took him around 17 sessions to complete.

What's happening Christof? 3rd ~8C in 11 days!
Yeah, it's really crazy! I'm syked. Today I finished another project with the second ascent of "Lady in black" ~8B. 

What was the hardest thing about Carinthian dreams?
The last 5 moves before the 7Bish topout are the hardest. And you are pretty tired when you come from the start...

Did it feel close to your limit?
Yeah sure! I tried the moves over and over for 17 days and the ascent was a big fight!

What are you going to do now when you've done your hardest project?
I have no idea, summer is coming and I will definitely take about 2 week summer break

Do you feel these relatively long problems is your ideal style?
Yeah, these power endurance problems are really my style! I am not really strong on short powerful boulders. And I need a lot of practice on the single moves of my projects to get them done.

Therefore I am also a really bad flasher...

Have you considered trying some short hard sport climbs, like First round... for example?
Hahahahahaha, First round is out of reach
I want to try a nice 8c+/9a near my hometown in Zillertal.

Don't be so sure, short 9b sport could equal about long 8C/+ boulder!

Yeah, that could be true but for example I can't put so much effort in a route that is located in Spain. I work full time. And on the rope you can't try the moves for hours, the belayer wouldn't have fun with that...

I also can't hold monos...

Alright, you'd better stick to crimpers then! Thanks and good luck in the future Christof!

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