Styrian Delirium, another ~8C first ascent by Christof Rauch

Christof Rauch on Styrian Delirium, ~8C, West Steiermark, Austria, 164 kb
Christof Rauch on Styrian Delirium, ~8C, West Steiermark, Austria
© Christof Rauch coll.
Christof Rauch has made the first ascent of Styrian Delirium in West Steiermark, which should be right in the middle of Austria. This one is very different compared to Iron Knuckles, the problem he put up last week, but of about the same difficulty, making it his second ~8C.

Christof says it's difficult to compare the two problems. They are totally different. For example... Styrian Delirium is much longer than Iron Knuckles. It's limestone, Iron Knuckles is Granite/Gneiss. It's steeper with a lot of underclings and it has a little rest in the middle, but they are both quite long and I tried them both for a long time.

And the conditions are still good?
Today was a little colder than the rest of the week, it was also pretty windy. The sun comes in at the late afternoon. So it's quite good. And it's even better for such long lines when it's not too cold.

Christof Rauch on Iron Knuckles, ~8C, Kärnten, Austria, 145 kb
Christof Rauch on Iron Knuckles, ~8C, Kärnten, Austria
© Christof Rauch coll.
That's true of course - numb fingers are not ideal. So, is it vacation time now or do you have any more unfinished business? 
No, I normally have to work but I got another job in the same company at the 1 of June. I also will move back home to Zillertal. So I have a lot of extra motivation to finish some unfinished business. The fact that my shape is peaking at the moment makes it even better. So maybe I will take a few more days off from work.
Would be really cool to finish my hardest project which is the harder exit to Iron Knuckles. Already made really good links two days ago.

Alright, sounds good, fingers crossed for you!

Christof Rauch is sponsored by: Moon and Scarpa

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