Monkey Wedding, ~8C, barefoot by Charles Albert

© Charles Albert coll.

Charles Albert, aka Barefoot Charles, has repeated Fred Nicole's Monkey Wedding, ~8C, at Roadside in Rocklands. As usual he did it without climbing shoes.

Charles has previously climbed at two to four 8C's, depending on how you choose to look at it.

He has made the first ascents of La Révolutionnaire, ~8C and Délire Onirique has been suggested for l'Alchimiste, but also 8B, and he suggested ~8B+ for his version of Guillaume Glairon-Mondet's Le pied à coulisse (~8C), which is more or less impossible to climb with shoes.

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Charles Albert
veneux les sablons

Charles Albert is a legendary French climber famous for climbing barefoot. His local area is Fontainebleau where he has climbed many of the hardest problems and performed many first ascents.

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26 Jun, 2017
Tree dab - back around.
26 Jun, 2017
There's a fair amount of ribbon dappage as well.
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