Le Pied à Coulisse, ~8C+, repeated. Twice!

Jimmy Webb and Charles Albert on Le Pied à Coulisse, Rocher Gréau, Fontainebleau, 166 kb
Jimmy Webb and Charles Albert on Le Pied à Coulisse, Rocher Gréau, Fontainebleau
© Clément Perotti/Sandstones Media
Both Jimmy Webb and Charles Albert have repeated Guillaume Glairon-Mondet's Le Pied à Coulisse, ~8C+, at Rocher Gréau, Fontainebleau.

The first ascent of Le Pied à Coulisse, a direct exit to the classic Chaos at Rocher Gréau, was made by Guillaume Glairon-Mondet 15 January, so exactly one month before the first repeats. Guillaume worked the problem on and off for three seasons and said the ~8C+ grade was very much a suggestion, but that it was of course based on his experience from both Fontainebleau and other areas.

Jimmy says that he wanted to repeat what Gui gui said could be 8C+. So I did . Though maybe the most logical method would be Charle's way. But if you want to repeat that you have to take at least one shoe off.

I take it you don't agree with the 8C+?
No. But I do think what he did was one of the hardest lines in the forest. 8C I would say.

Charles climbed a more direct version which he says is easier than the original method, but maybe only possible without climbing shoes [he did it barefoot].

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