New pain no gain, 9a+ FA by Dani Fuertes

Daniel Fuertes and No pain, no gain, 9a+, 178 kb
Daniel Fuertes and No pain, no gain, 9a+
© David López Campe
Daniel Fuertes has made the first ascent of a long standing roof project at Rodellar, Spain. No pain no gain weighs in around the 9a+ mark.

...and when you least expect it, it happens!!!! Surprisingly after the rain of the weekend the track was "half" in conditions and, though suffering from some wet singing [he means "holds"], with a good spice and a perfect hit , I get to chapar the chain of a dream!!!!!

A way to equip when I was a child with my good friend taus, who did not know if one day we could string together, because today closes the circle!!! "no pain no gain".

This was the first of the grade for Dani after many 9a's.

Daniel Fuertes is sponsored by: Climbing Technology, Julbo, La Sportiva and Trangoworld

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