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Julbo Sunglasses: Monterosa 2, Montebianco 2 and Shield M

Rob Greenwood looks at three pairs of sunglasses from Julbo, each coming with various lens options, and attempts to answer the key question of how an expensive pair of shades beats a budget alternative.

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Julbo Women's Spark Sunglasses

A durable pair of shades with the option of a photochromic lens that ranges from cat 1 to cat 3 in response to light levels, the Spark is well suited to all uses outside of the high mountains. They look great, too, reckons Penny Orr.

Julbo Shield Sunglasses

With a photochromic lens that adapts to light levels, the top-end version of Julbo's Shield is a pair of sunglasses that you can wear anywhere from high altitude peaks to the hills of home. Rob Greenwood has been living in his for several months, and like John...

Julbo Monte Rosa and Monte Bianco Sunglasses

Becky Coles and Simon Verspeak take these top-of-the-range men's and women's sunglasses from the UK, to the Alps, to the Himalaya

Julbo Bivouak sunglasses

If you're going to get high you'll need some decent shades. Dan Bailey trialled Julbo's top of the range mountaineering sunglasses in the Andes.

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Julbo Lens Simulator And Mountaineering Specific Sunglasses

Julbo have made available an online lens simulator tool which allows you to view the different styles and categories of lenses available.

New Julbo Mountaineering Sunglasses: Trek And Tensing

To complement the existing range of mountaineering specific sunglasses, Julbo has two new models available.


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Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Julbo Shield Sunglasses

125 years fly by when your head is always full of ideas and dreams, drawing inspiration from our heritage our sunglasses and lenses are tailored to the demands of each sport. To ensure your eyes are always protected from UV light (UVA, B and C), w...

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 Of 3 Pairs Of Julbo Shield Sunglasses

Julbo has produced a stylish and adaptable frame in a range of colours and lens choices suitable for a wide range of mountain, climbing and casual use. All-terrain and all-protection, Shield will open your field of vision.

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 Of 2 Pairs Of Julbo Superflow Goggles

In this competition you can win 1 of 2 pairs of Julbo Superflow Goggles. What makes Julbo's Superflow system so special? The simple, proprietary hinging system moves the lens away from the goggle to clear any fog within seconds....

Competition WINNER - Win A Pair Of Julbo Mountaineering Sunglasses

Faster, stronger, higher: high mountaineering is changing, and the same is true for Julbo’s flagship...

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 pairs of Julbo Sunglasses

Since it's launch in 1888 Julbo has seen great growth with innovative, technical products and is now a...

Win A Greenland Big Wall Trip With Julbo

French eyewear specialist Julbo is offering a space on a Greenland big-wall expedition in their latest Julbo Session competition.

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