Odd fellows, 8c, by Kajsa Rosén

Kajsa Rosén on Odd fellows, 8c, Pornowand, Frankenjura, 164 kb
Kajsa Rosén on Odd fellows, 8c, Pornowand, Frankenjura
© Erik Massih
Kajsa Rosén is showing good form just a couple of weeks before the European Lead Championships in Campitello di Fassa, Italy. At the Pornowand in Frankenjura she repeated Markus Bock's Odd fellows, 8c.

Kajsa has climbed several 8c's before and even onsighted the grade at Oliana last spring, but never in Frankenjura. This was the second Swedish female ascent of the route after Matilda Söderlund's 2012 ascent.

Kajsa Rosén is sponsored by: Five Ten and Moon

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