FRI NIGHT VID: Robbie Phillips on 'End of Slience' - 8b+ Multi-pitch

Our Friday Night Video this week is a short film from Robbie Phillips, who has documented his ascent of Thomas Huber's 'End of Silence.' The route is at Feuerhorn in the Berchtesgadener Alps, southern Germany. The two hardest pitches are the 8th and 9th and are 8b and 8b+ respectively.

The End of silence was put up the same year as two other hard core multi-pitches, Stefan Glowacz' Des Keisers neue Kleider at Wilde Kaisergebirge on the Austrian side of the border and Beat Kammerlander's Silbergeier, at Rätikon near the Swiss border. These three make up the famous alpine trilogy all of which have a hardest pitch given 8b+.

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