Breaking Trails - "The Blind Ascent" with Tamara Lunger & Jesse DuftonFri Night Vid

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In this week's Friday Night Video, Tamara Lunger and Jesse Dufton reflect on overcoming adversity and personal tragedy while climbing Norway's iconic Gausta Falls.

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Jesse is a member of the GB Paraclimbing Team in the Visually Impaired category, B1. He is a skilled and experienced climber across all disciplines despite his disability.

Jesse suffers from Rod-Cone Dystrophy, a...

Jesse's Athlete Page 10 posts 3 videos

6 Mar

I can't believe this post has no comments. I can only assume everyone is too go smacked to know what to say.

7 Mar

Nice one Jesse, am always really amazed at what your doing and not letting anything stand in your way.

Lovey little film.

Blimey what a great film, inspirational stuff

7 Mar

Autocorrect error, should be "gobsmacked"

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