The Singularity finally repeated by Nalle Hukkataival

Nalle Hukkataival on Singularity, ~8B+, Squamish, BC, Canada, 97 kb
Nalle Hukkataival on Singularity, ~8B+, Squamish, BC, Canada
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Nalle Hukkataival has made the first repeat of Tim Clifford's Singularity, ~8B+, at Squamish, BC, Canada. Tim put up the problem on 21 May 2007, so more than a decade ago. And it's not like no one has tried it...

So, an ~8B+ that has gone more than a decade without a repeat? Can it really be "only" 8B+?

This is what Nalle had to say:

Singularity!!! Inspiring vision and persistence from Tim Clifford who opened the boulder over ten years ago without a repetition until yesterday! What an amazing boulder! So straight-forward looking, yet so intricate. Climbing something you've been hearing about for years always make it more special. Starting on the rail a bit lower seemed like the more obvious start to the boulder to me.

Really extra tough to comment on the difficulty. The fact that it's fended off the efforts of a list of V15 climbers for over a decade must mean something. Does that suggest V15? Or make it a V14 that's just really hard to do? Is there a difference between those two?

Good questions no doubt, and I'll leave it to Nalle and future repeaters to answer them...(but surely it must be ~8C, right?)

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

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