FRI NIGHT VID: The Franchard Cuisiniere Black Circuit with Nalle Hukkataival

This week's Friday Night Video takes us around the notoriously difficult black circuit at Franchard Cuisiniere, Fontainebleau. Nalle Hukkataival sets himself the challenge of climbing the circuit in one push, a stern challenge considering no one has ever completed all the climbs. The circuit features everything from technical slabs, to terrifying highballs and whilst the circuit doesn't feature any single climb that would be considered at the top of the difficulty scale, climbing them all in one push requires world-class ability.

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Nalle Hukkataival is one of the world's top boulderers. He has made numerous ascents of climbs in the Font 8C-8C+ and in 2016 he became the first person to climb the grade of Font 9A with the first ascent...

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22 Mar

I don't understand why it's such a big deal for someone who boulders 8C+ and maybe 9A to climb 32 small boulders between 6A and 7A+.

I'm pretty sure I've done better than that, and I'm rubbish.

Am I missing something?


*Edit. 6A to 7B+, but still, surely that's an easy day out for him?

*Edit again. "These were done before pads existed, you just stepped off a towel. That's how I wanted to do it..." Next shot he's walking through the forest with two gigantic pads. What?

22 Mar

Isn’t that kind of like saying “I can’t undersatand why climbing Freerider is such a big deal. I redpointed a 7b+ in Kalymnos the other day”

22 Mar

Did you watch the film, or pay any attention to it when you did? Your questions imply that you didn't. Cuisiniere to me is la foret encapsulated, it's rarely busy and very special. This is soul climbing, and it's lovely to see the circuit finally get done in a oner.

22 Mar

Plenty of reasons your post is stupid, but the most obvious is that the hardest problem isn't 7B+ - the circuit finishes with Duel (8A).

22 Mar

Nice to see this one finally available for free. I paid for it when Neil first put it out and it really is an excellent little film that gets across the sense of what he's doing really well along with conveying how hard it is despite how easy Nalle makes it look.

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