NEWSFLASH: First Female 9b by Angy Eiter

31 year old Austrian climber Angela 'Angy' Eiter has become the first woman to climb 9b, according to a post by Angy redpointed Adam Ondra's La Planta de Shiva 9b at Villanueva del Rosario, Spain after spending time on the line over several trips in the last two years. She also trained specifically at home for the route.

Angela Eiter climbs Zauberfee  © Red Bull
Angela Eiter climbs Zauberfee
© Red Bull

Angy was a successful competition climber, winning the overall Lead World Cup series three times and the Lead World Championships four times, before choosing to concentrate on outdoor sport climbing over the last five years. Angy has previously redpointed four 9as.

More information to follow...

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22 Oct, 2017
Absolute beast!
22 Oct, 2017
Wow! Just wow! Wow!
22 Oct, 2017
Very impressive! To put this in context, roughly how many people have actually climbed 9b? (genuine question)
22 Oct, 2017
22 Oct, 2017
Guessing - roundabout 10? Almost certainly less than 20. With fairly small numbers your view on a few historic questions may be important!
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