Storm Ophelia - Damage at Tremadog

The BMC have reported that the recent Storm Ophelia has left the popular crag Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog) in North Wales in a sorry and dangerous state in its wake. The storm, which hit the west coast of the British Isles particularly hard earlier this week, has caused damage to routes, uprooted trees and destabilised the cliff, resulting in rockfall.

Damage below Belshazzar, affecting approach path.

Some routes and access paths at the BMC-owned Craig Bwlch y Moch at Tremadog are affected, as strong winds hit mature trees and loosened the ground beneath them, dislodging blocks and earth.

The BMC warned:

'So a warning to all climbers visiting Tremadog - many routes and in particular those that rely on trees for belays or those with large mature trees growing on ledges or at the cliff top may be affected by loose rocks.'

Remains of first pitch of Belshazzar.

Areas and routes known to be affected - as reported by the BMC - are:

  • A couple of large mature trees have fallen near the approach path to Vector Buttress but these do not appear to affect the approach path but more loose branches may fall here.
  • A significant rockfall has occured (more than 50 tons) between the first pitches of Belshazzar and Rienetta, affecting the path below these routes. The first pitches of Belshazzar, Earthsea and Re-Entry are now in a perilous state with further large blocks likely to fall - see photos, best avoided!
  • The tree on the shared stance of Meshach/Grim Wall seems to have been given a rather violent shaking and there is a possibility of loosened rock and boulders here.
  • Some large fresh blocks of about a ton in size have appeared below the arete between the routes Rio and Chwys - the exact source is not known so again there could be further rockfalls here.
  • In addition there are numerous loose and broken tree branches on or above all the approach and descent paths.

Other areas of Tremadog are likely to have been affected, as well as numerous exposed crags around the country. Climbers are urged to take extra care in these conditions.

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