The End of Climb Magazine

Having announced in August that print publication would cease and that the content would instead move to a free digital version, Editor of Climb Magazine Ian Parnell has informed readers that the online version of the print magazine will now also cease production after one digital edition.

The statement was posted on Facebook:

In a letter distributed to contributors and subscribers, publishers Greenshires Group announced that the printed version of Climb Magazine would continue as a free online production, available worldwide from September.

The announcement read: 'After serious consideration, and following over 33 years of production, Greenshires Press Group have made the decision to cease printing a paper version of Climb Magazine; the Sept/Oct 2017 edition (issue #140) will be the last edition published.'

A combination of the current economic climate and the increasing preference of advertisers and readers for digital platforms were cited as reasons for Climb's online migration.

The bi-monthly publication had its roots in the 70s and 80s, with origins in Crags, High Mountain Sports and more recently On the Edge magazine, following a merger in the 90s.

Read the first and last online edition of Climb here.

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