Access Restrictions at Kyloe in the Woods

Climbers have reportedly been asked to leave Kyloe-in-the-woods (Kyloe-In) on several occasions in recent weeks due to deerstalking. There has been a sign on the entrance gate asking climbers to avoid the woods because of live firing. BMC NE Area Rep Franco Cookson has commented:

'The deerstalker reportedly said that if climbers continue to ignore his sign, he will complain to the forestry management. This could result in loss of access. I appreciate that it might be annoying to drive all the way to Kyloe and then find that you can't climb there, but it is a small compromise in order to maintain good access arrangements at this important NE crag.'

Kyloe in the woods, 195 kb

Whilst access relationships at Kyloe-In are considered good, they are likely to be jeopardised if climbers miss, or ignore these signs. Currently there is no information on how long these restrictions are likely to continue. Climbers are asked not to approach Kyloe-In from Kyloe-Out unless aware of the shooting situation on the day.

Climbers are also asked to be mindful of where they park, after incidents where the gate has been blocked due to inconsiderate parking. The road is used for large farm vehicles and any cars that stick out into the road could potentially cause problems.

For up-to-date information on the access restrictions please visit the BMC RAD page here.

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