One Slap, 9b, by Stefano Ghisolfi

Stefano Ghisolfi on One Slap, 9b, Laghel, Arco, 184 kb
Stefano Ghisolfi on One Slap, 9b, Laghel, Arco
© Matteo Pavana
Stefano Ghisolfi has repeated Adam Ondra's One Slap, 9b, at Laghel, Arco, just a week after its first ascent. This was Stefano's 3rd of the grade after First round, first minute and Lapsus.

Two days of rest were enough for sending "One Slap", my third 9b!!! (second of 2017)! The first ascent was made just one week ago by Adam Ondra, and Laghel is becoming one of hardest crag in the world.

Stefano Ghisolfi is sponsored by: C.A.M.P, Epic TV, HRT holds, La Sportiva, The North Face and Vertical life climbing

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