Future of Swiss Alpine Museum under Threat

In July this year, the Federal Office of Culture - l'Office Fédéral de la Culture (OFC) - in Switzerland announced plans to cut funding for the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern by 75%. Having previously contributed 1,020,000 francs annually, the reduction in funding from the OFC will see just 250,000 francs supporting the museum alongside other sponsorships.

Swiss Alpine Museum © Swiss Alpine Museum
Swiss Alpine Museum
© Swiss Alpine Museum

Founded in 1905 by the Bernese section of the Swiss Alpine Club, the museum is dedicated to the nature and culture of the Swiss alps, with thousands of artifacts and multiple exhibitions relating to geology, alpinism, folklore, flora and fauna and conservation.

A petition was set up enabling members of the public to sign in order to protect the cultural heritage of this 'alpine country par excellence' and 'ask the National Council and the Council of States to assign to the Confederation the task of financing the Swiss Alpine Museum up to the amount previously granted.' The petition has since attracted over 11,000 signatures and counting.

'This 75% cut threatens the very survival of the Swiss Alpine Museum', the petition states, which has also solicited a strong response from the public and attracted coverage in the national press.

Since many of our users walk and climb in the Swiss mountains, we thought the petition may be of interest. Talks are currently in progress to determine the future of funding the museum.

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