Lucifer and Southern Smoke, both 8c+, by Claire Buhrfeind

Claire Buhrfeind on Southern Smoke, 8c+, Bob Marley, Red River Gorge, 139 kb
Claire Buhrfeind on Southern Smoke, 8c+, Bob Marley, Red River Gorge
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Claire Buhrfeind, Junior World Champion in both Lead and Bouldering, is currently sampling the top notch sandstone climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Highlights so far have been the repeats of Mike Doyle's Lucifer and Joe Kinder's Southern Smoke both 8c+ and the first of this grade for Claire.

I managed to get hold of her for a brief chat. Thanks for this Claire!

First Lucifer and then Southern smoke! How do you feel?
I'm so excited! The climbing in the Red is incredible, and we've had near perfect weather. Can't ask for much more. I'm happy I get to be here for a few more days.

Was this something you expected of yourself given the success you've had in competitions?
I went into this trip with no expectations. I haven't invested much time into outdoor climbing, so all I wanted was to have fun and enjoy the fall magic with my friends.

Do you feel this is your current max, or is there room for more?
I don't think I know what my max is yet, which is exciting to me. There is so much to learn and explore.

Do you think training for the Olympic format has helped you progress or do you think you would have been able to progress even more quickly had you decided to focus only on lead?
With the combined training, I've improved as a well-rounded climber. I'm learning to be confident on a variety of styles, which I think has helped me to perform outdoors.

What's the plan now and for the next season?
This year I want to find a better balance between competitions and outdoor climbing; and continue to push myself in both areas.

Good luck with everything, and thanks again!

I'm sure I'll have a reason to talk with Claire soon.

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