BIFF 2018 Live Stream Video

Fun, footless and freaking ridiculous - The Beastmaker International Footless Festival run by Ned Feehally and Shauna Coxsey is dedicated to raising as much money as possible for Climbers Against Cancer. Who will be crowned Mr and Mrs BIFF this year? Tune in to the One Five Nine Show on Saturday to find out, as they bring you all the action from this crazy competition. They'll also be helping to raise extra money by having a live auction on the stream, so get your wallets ready and make 2018 BIFF's biggest year.

Here's a video from the 2016 BIFF:

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28 Jan, 2018

35 minutes of build up for 15 minutes of utter tripe. Such a dissapointing finale. 

28 Jan, 2018

Better footage including the qualifiers at

Megos on the ‘ring my bell’ problem was a window into why he’s one of the world’s best climbers, the application to the task is inspiring. As was watching him warm up on the Murple circuit yesterday afternoon.


28 Jan, 2018

that's all very well but can he do the hanging bar challenge?


28 Jan, 2018

I think you're being unnecessarily churlish. Jim Pope was a joy to watch in the final. His footwork was second to none.

28 Jan, 2018

No I'm not. It was totally overhyped. Several of the matchups lasted less than 2 seconds. 

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