Major Updates to UKC/UKH Skills Page

The UKC/UKH developer(s) have been hard at work revamping the site, in an effort to improve its design, readability and ergonomics. The changes will affect all news and articles, the landing pages for news, articles and gear, the forums, as well as some major changes to the skills page.

News Updates, 209 kb

Skills Page

We have made several major updates to the skills page in the hope that articles, videos and series will be easy to find, searchable and user-friendly. If you're looking for a specific discipline, all the training articles are grouped together under Alpine, Bouldering, Indoor, Sport, Trad, Training and Winter. For UKH, we've split everything in these subsections: Backpacking and Wild Camping, Hillwalking, Outdoor Activities, Scrambling, Trail/Fell Running and Winter Walking. Ultimately, the page should be one of the best resources for climbing and hill based skills on the web.

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The new format is particularly useful when browsing series. For instance, to view the whole Arc'teryx Alpine Academy Series, you only need to click on the thumbnail and from here the whole series is easy to navigate on one page.

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With the launch of the new site, we have a couple of new and exciting features in the pipeline. Firstly, we have a video series with Lattice Training. This series is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and then work on their strength, power endurance, endurance and general body conditioning. We aim to show how to train these things through a variety of training facilities, so no matter what you have access to, you can always put in the hours.

We will also have a regular training column from Neil Gresham, who is one of the most experienced coaches in the country. Neil will be running though everything from basic techniques, to high-performance training exercises.

Neil Gresham will have a regular training column, 191 kb
Neil Gresham will have a regular training column

For those craving colder climates, we spent some time filming winter skills with Glenmore Lodge and the resulting series is all about decision making in the mountains - something nearly everyone will benefit from.

Our series with Glenmore Lodge will be based on decision making in the hills, 165 kb
Our series with Glenmore Lodge will be based on decision making in the hills

We'll be continuing to roll out changes in the near future and doing our utmost to keep the site as fresh and readable as possible.

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