Stoking the fire, 3rd 9b for Jakob Schubert

Jakob Schubert on Stoking the fire, 9b, Santa Linya, 126 kb
Jakob Schubert on Stoking the fire, 9b, Santa Linya
© Shinta Ozawa
Jakob Schubert has made the third ascent, after Chris Sharma (2013) and Adam Ondra (2016), of Stoking the fire, 9b, at Santa Linya, Catalonia.

This was the third of the grade for Jakob after Sharma's Fight or flight (2014) at Oliana and Ondra's Planta de shiva (2016) at Villanueava del Rosario.

Once again I enjoyed to whole process of trying something hard a lot. It feels like I could have send this one much faster but this way I learned some more lessons again and an ascent always feels even better if it took a bit of a psychological battle as well.

Jakob Schubert is sponsored by: Gloryfy Unbreakable, La Sportiva and Mammut

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Yes, you're right, I also remember reading Ondra's comment about Lapsus. So, it may turn to be considered easier in the future and doesn't qualify as 9b anymore. Sorry for the off-topic remark, but talking about the...
I'm not sure about Lapsus. Don't think Ondra found it that hard but made some comment about being taller probably helped as I recall. I did wonder if he was just saying that because he didn't want to down grade his...
I get the impression it's a very basic strength endurance style. Perhaps this is something that requires you to be operating at a slightly higher level in order to repeat it quickly, or be quite specialised?
Stefano Ghisolfi has three too: Lapsus F.A. (Repited & confirmed by Ondra) One slap (Second ascenct after Ondra) First round first minute (After Sharma, Ondra & Megos) Surely Megos idiosyncratic approach to...

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