VIDEO: Wild Lines - Fontainebleau

Three of the UK's strongest competition climbers head to the mecca of bouldering: Fontainebleau. In typical Font style, Dave Barrans, Matt Cousins and Nathan Phillips go from climbing 8A on one day to struggling in the lower grades the next. Leave your egos behind and you'll have a good time…

All three have succeeded on the competition circuit. Dave and Matt are previous British Bouldering Champions and Nathan has won gold at a junior European Youth cup. They do occassionally go rock climbing and together weild an impressive ticklist that includes 8B+'s, an 8B flash and hard solos.

The film was made by David Petts (Volo Digital) and was sponsored by Scarpa UK, Organic, Friction Labs, Climbskin, The Arch, White Spider and The Depot.

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Very cool film and interesting to see them all climbing together. I found it really interesting where they were discussing each other's climbing abilities. The interesting narrative is what distinguishes it from other...
Too much talking and not enough climbing in my very humble opinion. I found myself zooming on past the bits where they say how fun and awesome each other are! The climbing is very impressive though. Post edited at 17:35

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