FRI NIGHT VID: Pioneering Smith Rock

Our Friday Night Video this week is a look at the development of Smith Rock, Oregon. The film is based around an interview with Alan Watts, one of the pioneers of the area. He discusses the change in ethics that were required to push the standard of difficulty and how the area became the first major sport climbing destination in the United States.

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2 Feb, 2018

A lovely little video.

Thank you, Alan Watts, for what you did.

It touched a lot of people's lives. Including mine. 


3 Feb, 2018

A great and interesting film. Thanks

3 Feb, 2018

Nice to see a brand like Hydro Flask making interesting films without pushing product placement in your face.

5 Feb, 2018

Great film.  It took real strength of character to do what he did at that time.  

5 Feb, 2018

Good film in some ways marred by too much intrusive music.

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