BMC Members' Open Forum Event and Livestream

This evening (Tuesday 15th May) BMC members are invited to an Open Forum event in Manchester at 7pm to debate proposed constitutional changes ahead of the AGM on 16th June. The forum will be chaired by BMC Patron Lord Greaves and attended by senior representatives from the BMC, clubs and the wider membership. For those unable to make the event, the BMC have set up a livestream, which will begin at 7:30pm. Remote viewers will be able to submit questions to the panel via the livestream.

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The key points of the two approaches to be discussed and eventually voted on at the AGM are summarised below, as described in this BMC article. Full PDFs outlining these proposals can be found within the article.

AGM proposal A – as recommended by the BMC National Council

Key points:

  • Would put in place a high level of governance in the BMC which better defines roles of National Council and the Board of Directors, ensuring clear lines of accountability and decision making, and much improved organisational transparency.
  • Would ensure continued government recognition of the BMC's status as the umbrella body for mountaineering, and continued eligibility for Sports Council funding for the BMC and its partners.
  • Requires members to accept the need for modernisation and change and for the Board of Directors to have greater operational responsibility than is currently the case.

AGM proposal B – as recommended by J.White, J.Booth and supporters

Key points:

  • Simple and makes minimal changes to the current constitution, so the BMC would continue to operate much as it does today.
  • Members would have a similar degree of control over the BMC (via National Council) as they do today.
  • Would require less organisational change but would create uncertainties over the availability of Sport England grant funding for the BMC and partner organisations.

All interested members are welcome to attend the Open Forum.

Venue: St Thomas Centre, Manchester, M12 6FZ. Light buffet / tea & coffee provided.


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