Fight or flight, 9b, by Matty Hong

Matty Hong has repeated Chris Sharma's Fight or flight, 9b, at Oliana, Spain. This was Matty's first of the grade and the fifth ascent in total after Sharma, Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert and Sachi Amma.

Counting all climbs, Matty's hardest ascent before this was probably Daniel Woods' Warrior up, ~8B+/C, at Mt Evans from back in 2012 and for the last few years he has focused more and more on lead climbing.

It certainly seems to have paid off and so far he has done three 9a+'s and around half a dozen 9a's.

Here's Adam Ondra's second ascent.

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I really like the uncut, no music video of Adam Ondra doing Fight or Flight. I wish more videos were like this. It's more like if you're actually there watching. So what will be the next 9b to get done? Sounds like...
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